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Amber Atherton

Amber was always obsessed with the idea of running her own company. At 9 years old, she used to hand out business cards in the playground with the aspirational, albeit fictitious, address of 1 Beverly Hills, New York. Clearly geography was not her forte, but she loved spotting gaps in the market from an early age. From an online store selling CDs and books, to a customised toy company (Cuddly Couture), to dim sum – all Amber’s mini ventures were fuelled by the desire to create something that people felt cool being a part of. At 16, she founded a blog that scaled into one of the biggest online jewellery marketplaces in Europe – valued at over $5 million. Along the way, she interned at Vogue, dropped out of university and raised money. With no family background in business, Amber hustled her way from one experience to the next, learning as she went along and overcoming challenges like hiring and managing a team. As an only founder, it’s key to link up with other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you and who can remind you to keep believing. Sure, it’s fine to pivot and fail, but perseverance is what really counts.

Amber Atherton learned to code from an early age and set up her first online business at the age of 9 selling books and CDs. After modelling and appearing on TV, Amber founded her multi-million pound jewellery company, My Flash Trash, when she was 16 in 2007. She was recently featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and judged at the National Enterprise Challenge Finals. Amber is a frequent speaker at global conferences, schools and universities.