Anna Lex

Together with her co-founder Julia Boesch, in 2012 Anna launched the personal shopping service for men OUTFITTERY. The company’s success is proof that Anna had the right feeling with her business idea: more than 200,000 customers have so far used OUTFITTERY, and the company is already offering its service in eight European countries. OUTFITTERY has established itself as the market leader in curated shopping, and Anna is one of the best-known female founders in Germany.

Anna is a pioneer in internet entrepreneurship and speaks at numerous conferences and panels about her central vision: to relieve men from the stress of shopping and to make e-commerce more customer-focused.

Anna’s core area of responsibility at OUTFITTERY is IT and product – focusing on user experience in order to offer clients the perfect shopping experience. As someone who believes in the combination of machine intelligence and human intelligence, she put together an expert team for machine learning, to develop outstanding algorithms which support OUTFITTERY’s stylists by choosing the right clothes for customers.

In summer of 2015, Anna was asked to join the “WIE” network (“Women in E-Commerce”), a platform for leading females who are of inspiration to other women and encourage more female leadership in Germany.