Arno Lubrun

Managing Director Benelux at Facebook

Arno Lubrun and his team work together with local and international companies, organisations and agencies in the Benelux region to help them reach Facebook users in an authentic and relevant manner. The Facebook Team enables these companies to utilize the newest insights, creative concepts, and the social aspect of Facebook’s platform in order to reach their consumer and business audiences.

Arno has a passion for all things where technology and creativity come together and has always worked for companies that lead innovation in the digital and online world. During his high school years he was involved in the first computer networks and while studying Economics he worked with some of the first internet pioneers and was an active software developer. Via the Lotus Notus Groupware division, he stepped over to Microsoft, where, after various consultancy, sales, marketing, and management roles, he became head of the Dutch Microsoft Online & Advertising Division. Since 2011, Arno has been Director of Facebook, Benelux.