Barbara Labate

Barbara is both Founder and CEO of Risparmiosuper (Super Saver), the very first web and mobile service that compares real-time prices of supermarkets throughout Italy.

She launched her first start-up in 2004, dedicated to the world of telephony services, and has continued to develop ideas and services over the years. Super Saver is considered to be one of the most innovative and simple start-ups in Italy, and certainly one of the few in Italy with a woman at the helm. Launched in 2010 the company has a team of 13 people divided between Catania and Milan, constantly working on improving the product and creating partnerships that allow diversification of the business model. During the first week the app was in first place on the AppStore in Italy and was also among the top apps recommended by the AppStore. The boom in downloads registered is especially due to the economic crisis that is affecting Italian families says Barbara, for which saving has become an imperative. But also, the ability to scan the barcode and enter the price of the product gives all users an active role. The app has over 300 000 users, over 200 million downloads, and features 10 000 stores and 49 large retail chains. Barbara is also a Councillor at Italia Start up, a non-profit association that supports and gives voice to the ecosystem of start-ups in Italy. Barbara has a degree in Political Science, a Fulbright scholarship and a Masters from Columbia University in New York.

Barbara was featured in Inspiring Fifty: Europe 2015.