Cara Antoine

Chief Marketing & Operations Officer at Microsoft

Dr. Cara Antoine joined Microsoft the Netherlands in January 2017 as Chief Marketing & Operations Officer. In this position, Cara is responsible for the overall marketing, strategy, and operations of Microsoft the Netherlands, in particular for the digital transformation of companies which is made possible thanks to innovations in the cloud.

Cara was previously employed at Royal Dutch Shell where she was responsible for the business transformation of the global IT within the Shell organisation. Prior to Shell, she held various executive roles in both Germany and France for Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, and Polaroid. Cara received her DBA degree (Doctor of Business Administration) through her research into Collaborative Innovation in Technology at the University of Bradford Graduate School of Management & Law in the UK and the Tias-Nimbas Graduate School of Business in the Netherlands.

Cara is passionate for the arts and music and she has a special affinity for persons with impairments. She has an active voice to bring equality, accessibility, and sustainability to the world for all persons, no matter our differences.