Elizabeth Varley

Elizabeth Varley is a serial entrepreneur with a background in technology, content, events and growing communities. She is Founder and CEO of TechHub – the home for technology entrepreneurs and startups in Europe, India and the USA and soon many other countries around the world. As well as being the global community for startups, TechHub works with corporates to help them with innovation culture and connecting with startups.

Elizabeth has appeared in all of the major UK tech and business press, including WIRED UK, the BBC, the Guardian and the Economist, and listed in other major publication rankings recognising her contribution and influence in tech. She has been a judge for many technology and business awards and is a sought-after conference and event speaker around the world.

Elizabeth is also a board member of Digital City Exchange – a five-year digital economy multi-disciplinary research programme at Imperial College London. Researchers are exploring ways to digitally link utilities and services within a city, enabling new technical and business opportunities. The programme of research focuses on harnessing next generation digital systems to combine and repurpose city data: ultimately, transforming the planning and use of cities.

Elizabeth has previously worked with small business advice site Smarta, with Germination on the SHINE unconference for social entrepreneurs, and headed the team for Twestival London in 2009-2010.

After copywriting, editing and senior content strategy and management roles, she ran editorial and content agency Online Content UK for six years, and programmed and produced digital and tech-focused events for Chinwag and NMK.

Elizabeth is committed to supporting the wider technology industry and was one of the founding steering committee members of the DigitalEve women in technology organisation in the UK. Elizabeth was also a consultant on ITbeat with e-skills UK – a project to encourage girls to get involved in IT and online media.