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Jessica Butcher

Jessica is a marketing pioneer and visionary technology entrepreneur with a demonstrable track record of building successful businesses from scratch over the last 15 years. Most notably, with Blippar- a business that has grown from a pub idea into an established global brand with a multi-million $ valuation in 4 years. (Named one of CNBC’s Global ‘Disruptor 50’ Companies for 2015 – and Fast Co ‘Most Innovative Companies’ of 2016 – 

 Jessica has consistently been drawn to fast-growth, disruptive businesses through a desire to challenge established consumer behaviours and drive better business efficiencies and enhanced customer experiences. 

At Blippar she has, in turns, overseen the commercial and marketing operations across Europe and the US and external communications and brand evangelism, driving the ever-growing global awareness of the powerful new verb ‘to blipp’. Jessica has led Blippar to victory in a number of start-up competitions including Le Web, London and Mobile World Congress where the business was named ‘Most innovative new tech’ for 2012. In less than 4 years, the business has grown to over 200 staff across 10 global offices by working with many of the world’s leading brands, boasts a consumer app audience >60M users and can stake its claim to be the #1 platform of its kind internationally.

Named as one of the BBC’s international list of ‘100 Women’ in 2014, Fortune Magazine’s global ‘Top 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs’ in 2012 and winner of the Natwest EveryWoman Iris (tech) award in 2013 amongst other accolades. 

Experienced public speaker and press interviewer on the subjects of entrepreneurialism, women in business and technology, mobile and technology trends, visual recognition and augmented reality, interactive print and more.