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Kriti Sharma

In September 2011, Sharma joined Barclays where she led product management of technology innovations such as Pingit mobile payments app. Pingit won the App Store Best of 2012. She was later appointed Head of Big Data and Advanced Analytics at Barclays Africa where she led a team of data scientists and created products using opensource real-time analytics. Her group focused on using machine learning to make user engagement with financial services intelligent and personalised. During this time, she also mentored fintech and healthcare startups in Africa and drove Open Data Collaboration across industries.

In February 2016, Sharma joined the UK’s largest software group Sage to lead mobile products for more than 6 million businesses globally. On 26 July 2016 Sharma and Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage, launched Pegg, the world’s first personal chatbot for business finance. Pegg was created by Sharma to make accounting as easy as texting. Within six weeks of launch, the chatbot was being used by people in 85 countries. Sharma also announced a partnership between Sage and Slack to create conversational workplace.

She is the founder of Messaging Bots London, a community of more than 1000 bot developers in Europe. She was named 44 in Peter Buchroithner’s top 100 list of global people to watch in the bots space, published in VentureBeat.

She led a global research at Sage on the new generation of entrepreneurs in July 2016. The report revealed insights about young entrepreneurs. It also highlighted the need to change policy to enable businesses of today.

She has been leading efforts to create more diverse and ethical artificial intelligence and “embracing botness” which means that AI does not have to pretend to be human, instead it needs to be useful.