Stephanie Kaiser

Stephanie Kaiser is a social games designer with one of the top rated games on Facebook under her belt. In September 2015, Stephanie co-founded Memorado – a mobile brain gym offering a fun yet scientifically-based training programme. Based on scientific findings, the individual needs of each user and applied learnings from the gaming industry, they strive to build the best platform to work out the individual’s brain. The app company has raised over $US5MN and is used by over 3 million people worldwide.

Prior to this, Stephanie was head of studio at Wooga – the second biggest developer of social games worldwide. At Wooga Stephanie had the opportunity to become a leader in the field of game design – heading her own studio, being in charge of four games and a team of over 25 people. During her time there, Stephanie designed the Facebook title Monster World, and developed a method of strictly metrics-driven design and weekly iterations. Since its launch in April 2010, the team organically grew the game to over 2.5 million daily active users, making it the biggest monster game on Facebook. Wooga now has five games on Facebook with over 30 million monthly active users.

Stephanie was only the second employee to be hired at Wooga, which launched in 2009. Both of the start-up’s founders came from ringtone company Jamba where Stephanie worked previously as a junior product manager.

Stephanie was featured in Inspiring Fifty: Europe 2015.